More pilfering of parts for these performance pariahs!

  • The Callaway Corvette C12 made use of the taillights from the Opel Tigra.
  • The TVR Griffith borrowed the taillights from the Opel Vectra/Vauxhall Cavalier Mk 3, albeit turned upside-down.
  • The original iteration of the Noble M12 GTO shared its taillights with the Ford Mondeo Mk1. After a midlife makeover, the rear end of the car sported lamps from the Hyundai Sonata.
  • The ueber-glamorous Invicta S1 borrowed its rear lights from the ueber-functional VW Passat B5 (post facelift).


More supposed supercars raiding the humdrum parts bin!

  • The  Jaguar XJ220 had many parts in common with more mundane motors, including taillights from the Rover 200 and wing mirrors from the Citroen CX Series 2. It shared interior components with the Ford Fiesta and robbed its 6 cylinder engine from the Metro 6R4!
  • The facelifted Lamborghini Diablo VT looked to the “poor man’s Ferrari” to light its way, pinching its headlights from the Nissan 300ZX. Lamborghini used a thin strip of carbonfibre to cover up the lesser marque’s branding!
  • The McLaren F1 famously utilised a BMW engine that generated so much heat its engine bay had to be lined with gold - perhaps that explains the use of much cheaper components elsewhere, including the taillights from a Bova Futura coach and wing mirrors from the VW Corrado.